Are You Ready to Become a Digital Nomad?


Work flexibility has enabled many individuals to explore options that they may not have been able to do and combining two passions of travel and work seems to be a very real possibility for a growing number of people as you can find more information about the exciting opportunities of becoming a digital nomad growing with many more individuals looking to take advantage of recent changes. It’s a very big lifestyle change, however, and not something for everyone – spending a few weeks away on the beach is very different from the experience of travelling around with work responsibilities still in mind too, so how can you tell if you’re ready to hit the road as a digital nomad?

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Setting expectations is important – Whilst for many it is every bit the fantasy lifestyle, seeing beautiful locations around the world and taking advantage of being on vacation whilst earning money is great, but there’s a certain level of discipline required, and expectations certainly need to be measured. It may not be as simple as a carefree lifestyle, and responsibility is still just as important as working at home, keeping these expectations in mind beforehand will offer a more realistic, and non-idealised view that has become common. For many this will certainly be a perfect experience, but it isn’t for everyone.

Build a list of desirable destinations – Many digital nomads will have their own list of places considered to be perfect, perhaps more welcoming to those on the road, or just destinations they themselves have always been fond of. Taking advice from these lists is always helpful but be sure not to neglect more personal destinations that are more exciting too and take advantage of the ability to really explore places that may have otherwise been out of reach.

Take advantage of all the help on offer – Particularly recently, many countries have looked to launch options for different remote working or digital nomad visas, and offer a variety of different support options to ensure those looking to work remotely in these countries have all the help needed – read up ahead of time and be sure to take advantage of all the support structures aimed at digital nomads and remote workers as it can be surprising what’s out there, particularly with options in accommodation and income support where tax and other things are considered too.

It’s difficult to really answer the question until it is experienced first-hand, after all it’s something difficult to experience as a trial period but going in without having asked lots of questions can often lead many disappointed or misunderstanding of what this change of lifestyle has to offer, and where its strengths and weaknesses lay.

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