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May 22nd, 2015 by kyle

As the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is a hot spot for weekend travelers. There are hundreds of things to do in Amsterdam, from sightseeing at historic sites and museums, smoking in coffeeshops,and ‘window-shopping’ in the Red Light District, tosimply enjoying its upbeat nightlife. Best seen by bike or foot, Amsterdam is aquaint city with its brick buildings, central canal, street performers, and charming Dutch crêpe spots.

To best explore Amsterdam, visit a local bike shop and rent a bike for a few hours.  Spend the day exploring historic sites, such as Dam Square – the site of the National Monument, Royal palace, and Nieuwe Kerke. At the heart of Amsterdam, Dam Square is a common gathering spot for tourists withits local street performers, cafés, and the occasional soccer match (yes, played on concrete). Other destinations could include the Anne Frank house or the famousI amsterdam sign. In the meantime, get lost exploring random cross streets – you may be surprised where they may lead.Who knows, you may happen across a marketplace, tavern, or a Smart & Sexy parade celebrating the rights of women. Amsterdam never ceases to surprise. Asa cautionary piece of advice, be mindful of the tramsthat tend to travel along the narrow streets without demanding much notice.

Amsterdam has a unique culturethat allows travelers to smoke in coffeeshops, explore museums by day, and witness the streets of the Red Light District by night. Amsterdam’s cannabis-stocked coffeeshops are a necessary stop for many travelers. There are more than 300 Amsterdam coffeeshops – with varying atmospheres and styles – to choose from. It is hard to miss the multitude ofpalm tree logos, COFFEESHOP signs, and Rastafarian flags that advertise that a place sells marijuana.

One of the most popular museums inAmsterdam is the Heineken Experience – afun, interactive exhibit that educates about the brewing process.The 75-minute guided tour includes beer tastings, virtual bartending lessons, futuristic recliners for watching classic Heineken commercials, and more!

For a uniquely eye-opening experience, spend an evening inAmsterdam’s Red Light District – one of the oldest parts of the city that is best known for its sex shops, adult theaters, and red-lit windowdisplays of young women selling their services.Theprude or faint of heart should be forewarned that this could be an emotion-provoking experience.

As the streets of Amsterdam come alive at night, travelers can tailor their choices by selecting from a variety of clubs, pubs, and dance festivals. ProeflokaalArendsnest is a popular destination for all beer lovers, who appreciate the 24-page listing of beers with bios of their histories, ingredients and flavors. This traditional Dutch pub – with authentic blackboard menus, copper taps, and wooden interior – attracts a local cliental. For the club-goers, Paradiso is a popular multilevel dance venue that is famous for delivering intimate performances by well-known musicians.This former 19th– Century church – with massive balconies and stainedglass windows – has an upstairs that sets the stage for musicians and DJs, a smoking room on the second floor, and a basement café. The headliners perform on the stage in the main room and, in the past, have included the Rolling Stones, Jamiroquai, and Willie Nelson.


Daniel Hogan is a writer at Party Earth – a global media and entertainment company that publishes reviews and listings of the best social experiences around the world including: things to do in Amsterdam , clubs in London, beaches in Ibiza, plazas in Rome, bars in NYC, festivals and concerts everywhere, and more.

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April 29th, 2015 by jack


We all want a grand vacation, somewhere in the mountains of Switzerland with the countryside reflecting the perfect fairytale picture. But sometimes our pockets are a bit pinched to really offer us any source of luxury. At times like these all you need to do is be creative, think smart and go for travelling, the cheaper way. A lot of travellers in the world really don’t have a motor insurance in Dubai or a traveler’s cheque from France since all they tend to do is simply pack their bags and head to where the road takes them. This all comes from the fact that travelling necessarily does not always have to be expensive and here a few ways that show you exactly that:

1.       The House Swap:

It has become one of the best ways of saving money on accommodation while travel, the house swap is a source of getting the best living spaces for free. All you need to do is log in to a travel site where you can offer your home on rent for travelers around the world seeking to visit your country or city. This will link you to other travelers who reside in other countries and their homes will become open to you. It is always much better to be living in a house that a hotel since the home usually provides for a kitchen space, telephone and maybe even the internet.
If you are keen on doing this, make sure you seek out authentic sites which assure you validity of other travelers and ensure safety of both the parties.

2.       Volunteering and Fundraising:

It is always good to contribute towards a worthy cause. And if it gets you to travel then there is nothing like it is it? Volunteering for causes overseas is a way to reach out to the world with your skills and give in your time and effort to something that requires attention. Most people do not mind the extra pair of hands but they may require prior experience and a definite set of skills for their projects so it is advisory to select a short term project for a year or two, which may even cover your room and board along with your flight expenses. This is one of the ways to learn about another part of the world and see what it is to inhabit a completely different culture than yours.

3.       Hitchhike and Carpool:

If you have a car and your medium of travel is the road then carpool is the option to travel safe and cheap. You could arrange for additional travelers to join you from the various sites that offer you assistance in this very section of travel. If you are a solo traveler looking for a ride you could hitchhike one right on the way or you could also be a part of a carpool, meet the person in advance, in a public place, check out the photo id and license and other documents to ensure the authenticity of the driver and travel along. This reduces the commuting expense to a bare minimum, allowing you to travel comfortably as well. Fuel costs are divided and it provides you with a bunch of new friends on your trip ahead.

Travel is an experience that demands a little bit of risk, a little bit of coming out of the comfort zone and seeing the world anew. This is exactly what makes it so enduring and appealing. Leave behind the boredom for a while, dance free and the let the world watch you go by.

Bio: Poaulina Skimper is a travel journalist who also uses the road as her most frequent way to go through the world. Her motor insurance in Dubai allows her to explore the roadways more securely and at half the price of a regular hired wheeler.

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March 26th, 2015 by janifar brown

397894_629026393793483_1355132635_nA wedding venue can be perfect for one couple and seem all wrong for another. With regards the question of what makes great wedding venues,the answers can be as varied as the bride and groom. A venue can be elegant, intimate or rustic depending on your theme. They will all need to have the same qualities to make it great though. If you decide to get married sooner the place you choose to have your ceremony or celebration afterwards still needs to have equally high standards so that your day will be enchanting.

There are so many time consuming plans that involve planning weddingsthat you may want to ask for help. Your immediate family can do many of the things you need done; however, not everyone has this resource available. The easiest way to find a wonderful venue is to go online to places such as The internet allows you to look at many different places in the area you are to be married in. Start your search by having a list of the things that you absolutely want at your wedding. You can add items that you would like to have as well, but aren’t crucial to making your big day enjoyable.

You should find filters on the website that let you put in your choices or you may be able to just check them off from a list. Once you have narrowed your search with all the requirements you want, you can evaluate them based on location, theme of the wedding or price if that is a big factor. Remember, the more information you can provide to your list of prospective venues the more likely you are to find a great wedding venue. Don’t overlook the fact that, by moving your venue just a few miles away from the preferred area, it may produce the perfect place.

This is your day and the hotel, country club, church, barn or inn should be ready to cater to your special wants and needs. Put these questions on your venue checklist: venue availability, what rooms are open, are there catering options and financial questions. Once you have answers to these basic questions you will get a better idea of whether or not a specific venue will be great. The time of year that your wedding will take place may also influence your choice of venue. Some places are more suited to warm weather ceremonies with water features or spectacular views. A colder time of the year begs for warm, romantic places with fireplaces.

As you can see there are many things that make a venue a great place for your wedding. There will be a perfect day in store for you in the perfect place when you decide on the ideal venue and staff to make it happen. Don’t lose sight of what you want and don’t get discouraged if it takes a little longer to find that perfect locale. With the help of an online venue service it will be easier than you think to plan your happy day.

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February 17th, 2015 by Keira Rose

Your anniversary is rolling around again and you’ve had no time to plan anything. What you need is something simple and stress free but utterly amazing – you need the ultimate anniversary celebration. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to the nightmare you think it does. By all means, feel free to splash out and make a statement, romance isn’t really about how you’ve got in the bank or how many flowers you can buy in a day. It’s about imagination and creativity. It’s about care and attention – all you have to do is plan something that you know your other half will adore. It also helps if you can have a good time doing it as well.

romantic breaks
Here are some amazing anniversary ideas that you can use to plan an event to remember. Some are expensive, some don’t cost very much at all – it’s entirely up to you how flashy you want to be.

Book A Cabin In The Woods

Forget all of the horror films you’ve seen – they’re dead wrong. A cabin in the woods can be super romantic and extremely relaxing, says journalist Lori Thayer. The big draw of this idea is, of course, the isolation. There’s nobody around to see you misbehave and there’s nobody around to ask you to be quiet. There are two options – a UK getaway or a European trip. The only real difference is the sun. If you and your partner are real sun worshippers, you might want to pick an overseas cabin. If you prefer a roaring fire and cuddling under sheepskin blankets – why not a cabin in Scotland or Wales. There’s also the French Alps if the UK isn’t quite exciting enough for you.

Visit A Theme Park

Remember when you were nineteen and you couldn’t think of anything better than an entire day spent at Alton Towers? It’s time to revisit those days. Bundle your other half into the car and head off for a day of exhilaration. No kids allowed though – this day has to be all about you. Laugh, act silly and be completely immature. You’ll have a whale of a time. Ride as many roller-coasters as you can and finish the day with a candlelit meal in a nearby restaurant. Offer to drive on the way back and watch your partner struggle to stay awake after a day of thrills and spills.

Check Into A Bed & Breakfast

Who says you have to splash out on an entire holiday in order to please your spouse? If you can’t quite afford a full break – why not book yourselves into a luxury bed and breakfast for the night? Enjoy the privacy and the time away from the kids by tucking into champagne, chocolates and a romantic evening meal, say experts at

Celebrate At Home

If you really can’t afford the money or the time spent on a getaway, you could always turn your house into the ultimate love-pad. Send the kids away to a babysitter, fill the lounge with candles and duvets and turn off all electronics. Share a home cooked meal and then just talk like you used to when you first met. If you don’t fancy cooking, order in and splash out on a fancy bottle of wine. Do not switch on your phone, computer or TV set – it would be a real romance killer and quite inconsiderate. So don’t do it.

Make Them A Cheesy Present

This is a great idea for couples who are super comfortable with acting silly in front of one another. It doesn’t matter if you rubbish at being creative – it’s not about creating the best present. It’s about the effort that goes into it. Write your partner a poem, sing them a song, draw them a portrait – it doesn’t matter what you choose to do, says money saving website The only rules are that you can’t spend much money on supplies and you can’t get somebody else to do it for you. You must present both presents at the same time. Don’t be afraid to have a giggle about it either.

Kevin is a couples therapist and currently writing a book on relationship dynamics. He uses Room For Romance for great quality romantic breaks for couples. Kevin can be found online sharing her advice for keeping your relationship alive.

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December 23rd, 2014 by jack

People travel across places for various purposes and by various means. People travel for their job related tasks, some travel for pleasure and enjoyment, some travel for a relaxation from their daily life tension, many travel for medical purposes, some fly abroad to find a job etc. In the similar way, travel mode also differs including travel by road, rail, air and water. Travel culture have changed a lot with the emergence of new innovations to aid travelling like integration of internet, Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) for navigation all around the world, widening of cellular network with 3G and 4G all around the globe etc made travelling trouble-free. Besides all these positive side of travelling, there exist some sectors regarding the travel which can be avoided with some do’s and don’ts of travel.

Do’s and Don’ts of Travel

The do’s and don’ts of travel depend on the place you visit and the purpose you go for. Before making a start there are things to do which can help you to travel easily. People can go to internet for an idea regarding the place including the language, culture and way of people, climatic condition, route of the journey, mode of local travel etc. Each place has its own culture and habits hidden. One should understand the place of travel to make the travel a trouble-free.

People who fall under the tourist category should be aware of the do’s and don’ts while they travel. Before the travel, they should be aware of the culture, language, currency, climate, religion, laws and regulations etc for the ease of their travel. All these information are easily available in the internet. In case of international travel, one should obtain a passport. Since passport takes some couple of weeks to obtain, one should start the procedure weeks before the journey.

Many people go for a travel agency to obtain all the necessary aid for their travel. Fake and unauthorized agency may scam you. Tourist should know the culture including the dressing style, language, laws etc and should act wisely according to it. Traveler should stay alert to avoid strangers and offerings from them.

Women – a folks to care the most

Travel for women is another case to discuss. Women travelling both domestic and international should be aware of various hidden threats. You should not travel over late night without prior security and should be decently dressed all time to avoid any mishaps. Decency must be kept all along the travel and chit chats with strangers. You can get engaged with books or music to avoid the boredom so that the interference of stranger can be avoided. You should avoid short clothes, ornaments and attractive dresses to be safe.

The face expression matters while travel, one should be confident to show that they are well aware about the things around. Never behave to any one as a newcomer. One should avoid the stay in lonely corners while travel and you must be always near to a group of people. Avoid carrying costly stuff to attract people to loot it away. Always keep things like torch, first aid medicines, water, and a little food items to meet the urgent needs at times. These are some of the tips that make your travel the best.

Author bio: Margaret is 53 years old and love travelling and suggests places for car hire in Tenerife. She has travelled many places all through the world and is travelling from the age of 15. She writes her experience online at her personal blog where she writes on all the places she has travelled and the places she want to travel in near future. You may check more about her at her blog to get some inspiration.

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November 9th, 2014 by Alina

Turkey is simply a tourist paradise that is emerging as one of the most popular destinations in the world to travel. The place brings lots of opportunities for tourism apart from sightseeing and shopping. For adventure seekers, the country features many mountains offering best of winter sports. Here visitors can enjoy various activities like skiing, mountain climbing and hiking. Agri-Mount Ararat, Kayseri-Mount-Erciyes and Rize Kacker Mountain Range are few sites to enjoy the activities. Visit this wonderful place to explore history and culture and also get the thrill of enjoying several activities. Here is the list of some activities that can be enjoyed in Turkey.


Recognized with the discovery by foreign pilots of Mount Baba in Fethiye, Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon) region, Paragliding started in Turkey in the starting of 1990s in university clubs. Presently, this activity is being performed by a huge number of people. This is basically a parachute sport, which does not need any special skill or effort. It is really easy and can be enjoyed after a standard training. Paragliding training is given by THK, university clubs and private clubs.

Delta Wings

It is another popular activity to be enjoyed in Turkey. It features a single person flight vehicle that flies with wind and other air impacts and has no motor. It takes off and floats on air and comes back to the land. It requires more training period for flying. Delta Wings sports are performed at those places where paragliding is enjoyed.

Micro Light

Micro light is a basic mechanical flying vessel that has a basic motor structure and used be for single or two persons. It can land and take off within short distances. It also flies without motor like delta wings. For flying with micro light in Turkey, one needs to contact Turkish Aviation Organization or aviation clubs.


It is an interesting & adventurous sports activity that can be enjoyed in winter from forested mountains of average height. This ski center is situated 36 km south of Bursa and 150 km from Istanbul. This recreational activity allows the participants using their shoes on the feet and slide on top of snow. This activity gives a wonderful experience to the tourists. The Kartalkaya Skiing Resort, Kastamonu Ilgaz Ski Resort, The Elmadag Ski Resort, Yolaçtı Ski Resort, Erzincan – Bolkar are some popular destinations for skiing in Turkey.

Water Sports Activities

Positioned between Europe and the Middle East, Turkey is an ultimate destination for tourists, which offer several water sports on its stunning beaches and cozy bays. Along with wonderful fresh food and amiable locals, enjoy here several water sports activities like Kitesurfing, Rafting & Canoeing, Scuba diving, Yachting and rafting.

For an adventurous holiday, Turkey is a wonderful place. This is the reason; this country is emerging as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and there is possibility of air travel booking for here.

Author Bio: Amrita Barnwal is an ardent travel blogger working for (an online travel agent of India). She loves to write about India travel and maintains a travel blog to exchange innovative ideas from other travel bloggers.


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November 8th, 2014 by Alina

Dolphins are majestic creatures, often seen cavorting in the waves all around the globe. The most commonly found species in Australia’s waters are bottlenose dolphins. Bottlenose dolphins are usually found in bays and waterways, surf coasts, lagoons and the open sea. They are very friendly and it is not uncommon to see those riding waves with surfers or swimming alongside boats.If you’re lucky, you might snap a photo just when they’re airborne while jumping on water.
One place you can see dolphins is Tangalooma Island Resort, situated along the coast of Queensland situated on Moreton Island. The island is considered an unspoiled beauty offering a wide range of activities from diving in the wrecks to tobogganing down sand dunes. One of their most popular activities is dolphin feeding, which occurs at sunset on the shore. Up to eight dolphins visit regularly, and you can get to experience how friendly they are in real life.

Dolphins are extremely social creatures and live in large groups called pods. Their diet consists of a number of sea dwelling creatures, including fish, squid, shrimp, tiny octopus and krill. The average adult eats close to 15kg a day to feel satiated. The fish they get during the feeding program is only a small portion of their daily intake – approximately 10 to 20 per cent, much like having a treat after a hard day at work!

The dolphins who visit Moreton Island all have unique personalities. Most of the dolphins are related in some way. The first dolphin to visit the resort was Beauty in 1992, and it was well documented in local media. She was hand fed each night with her calf, Tinkerbell. Not long after, another mature female named Bess visited with her son, Rani. From this point on the dolphins continued to visit, bringing in new family members as the pod grew. Today it has become a normal experience to encounter a few families when circling the waters. Each dolphin can be traced back to those first few ones who made friends with the shore’s inhabitants.

Feeding the dolphins is a wonderful experience for any visitor, but strict guidelines must be adhered to in order to maintain the natural instincts and independence of the dolphins. Be prepared to get into the water up to your waist. A member of the Dolphin Care Team will be there to guide you through each step of the feeding process. Their food intake needs to be regulated as well in order to avoid health complications.

If you are interested in getting in on the action, why not book a trip to some wild dolphin resorts today? Dolphin feeding is a lifetime experience you and your family should not miss this holiday!

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October 5th, 2014 by jack

Travelling can be a gregarious, adventurous and intensely social undertaking. Even when taking flight solo, the journey and experiences are often shared and full of lively conversation, fun activities and thrills. If that very aspect strikes a chord of fear or discomfort to you, you may be one of the shy or introverted travellers who are looking to expand their wings, but just enough and not push it too far!

Solo travelling whether it is backpacking, a golf vacation, idyllic beach jaunts, city exploring trips and more, can be a sheer joy but also takes some adjusting. You will have plenty of time to yourself for introspection and take in a place at your own leisure and immerse yourself in local sights, sounds and flavours, but sometimes just want some other interaction and want to talk to someone other than yourself! Issues about solo travelling like loneliness or homesickness can be magnified when you are shy or introverted to begin with, but it can also be just the thing you need to push you totally out of your comfort zone and experience something in a totally different way.

Although most kinds of travellers can do with some of these tips, they may be especially helpful for the bashful at heart –

Stay at more lively places – Where you stay and its environment adds or detracts a lot from your experience on a trip. If you are travelling solo and find it hard to strike up conversations and make friends, it might work to your advantage to look for accommodation that is a more social place. Hostels are great in this regard since they are a place that all kinds of travellers from different parts of the world congregate and flock to on a regular basis and of course they are often much cheaper than staying in a pricey hotel too. If you are staying in a hotel and don’t want to interact too much but just need a little bit of social interaction, hang out more in common areas like the lobby, hotel bar or recreation room that will let you people watch and partake too if you feel the need and make a little bit of conversation to liven up the day.

Take some tours – Most avid travellers can attest to the fact that going on group tours is a great way to interact with different people and travellers from other parts of the world. It sometimes gives you just the right amount of interaction without making it too much for an introvert to handle and is a no pressure way to make new friends or simply spend the day with someone other than yourself. You can always extend some social time by going for a coffee or a drink later with someone you may have hit it off with. Look for free and cheap tours in case you decide to head off and continue solo after a while.

Try to initiate small conversations – To some the whole point of solo travelling is to not constantly indulge in long rambling conversations all day and for a really shy traveller doing so is a pretty tough task. If you are in the mood for a little chatting, push yourself to be a little more outgoing and  ask your fellow travellers for things like restaurant recommendations, directions to a hot spot they have visited and the like. You never know where such random and light hearted conversations can take you!

Be careful about the booze – Now although a drink or two can serve as an ice breaker or may be something you feel you need to loosen up, make sure you don’t go to far. Being safe and a little sensible while travelling alone is key.

Happy Travels….


Maurice Nicholls is a travel writer and avid blogger. His favourite kinds of holidays are golf vacations and beach holidays to unwind. When not exploring new locales he loves to cook and experiment with different cuisines along with his better half.

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August 18th, 2014 by Keira Rose

Plentiful splendours of nature, the magical mountains, verdant meadows, snow-capped hills, gushing streams, gorgeous lakes, and torrential rivers all make Himachal Pradesh an wonderful area which can be journeyed again and again and still provides something wonderful and something new to nicely shock you. Himachal Pradesh requires pleasure in presenting the awesome part of Native indian Himalayas that surprise the tourists with its spectacular elegance. The biggest travel location for all characteristics fans in Native indian and overseas, Himachal Pradesh provides so much to please your feelings. The placid terraces of corn and tea, the fruit laden orchards, picturesque hills all reflect the splendour of this land. The visitors get fascinated by the spectacular snow-capped hills and awesome valleys. A heaven for the trekkers the high hills of Himachal Pradesh is considered as the biggest gift of characteristics. An incredible number of tourists check out this area every season attracted by its numberless experience sports locations, pilgrimages, mountain resorts and creatures.

Awesome places:


Kullu the most discussed area of Himachal Pradesh, is the area of the gods with its wonderful elegance. Situated in the wonderful Kullu area among the lower varies of Himalayan Mountains Kullu is an image perfect area popular for its apple orchards, wats or temples and Dussehra event. Every season plenty of visitors check out this mesmerising place with spectacular greater Himalayas and Beas Stream. The handmade items of Kullu is also quite popular.


Manali takes pride in being one of the most charming hill stations of India. Nestled in the lesser Himalayas in the Kullu valley presents a lavish display of virgin beauty of nature. The breathtaking natural splendour in its best is what draws the tourists over here from all parts of the world.


Getting its name from Shyamala the Goddess, Shimla is one of the most stunning mountain channels of Himachal Pradesh. An perfect residence for those who are looking for a unforgettable vacation in a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere.Shimla is the right choice. Mom Nature has endowed Shimla with all her fantastic secrets making it one of the top locations for visitors.


Nestled against the massive Dhauladhar varies, Dharamshala is a stunning sanctuary on the mountain hills. Famous as the Little Lhasa all over the world, Dharamshala is the residence of Dalai Lama. Dharamshala was used as the summer getaway for the English during the 17th century .

Rohtang Successfully pass provides one of the most stunning scenery differences with one part of it the awesome view of clinging snow, simple hills and stunning snowfields while on the other part the luxurious natural Kullu Valley.

Spread over five hills, Dalhousie has a appeal of its own with its mesmerising comfort, pine and deodar mantled hills and red and pink rhododendrons. The plants ornamented in various colors of natural take a wonderful look.

The Hill Resorts of Himachal Pradesh offer the perfect residence for a loving vacation for the newly-weds on their honeymoon or others who want to enjoy some of the most cherishing days in the lap of characteristics. The state has plenty of resorts of all varies with comfortable housing and modern facilities and they fulfill the needs of the tourists in the best possible way. 

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