Delicious and Delightful Chocolate Covered Fruits


The world’s favorite yummy treat must be, no doubt, the chocolates. Delicious and delightful chocolates covered fruits are one of the juiciest and chocolate treats. Manufacturers contribute to developing new flavors and tastes of these treats. It would be practically boring to eat the same cocoa bean variety. The flavors are discovered and various countries top in producing excellent coco beans. South America and the Caribbean, South East Asia and Africa are the main countries to provide first grade cocoa beans. Some African countries have introduced fruit chocolates with the apples and nuts, whereas, Madagascar bars from Jean Paul Hevin, Chapon, and others have a strong taste of citrus notes and fruity flavors, however, South East Asia has the use of berries.

chocolate covered fruits

Fun with Delicious and Delightful Chocolate Covered Fruits

The children can enjoy their birthdays, friends sleep over, or parties with delicious chocolate covered fruits. These are healthy and tasty as well. A fruit-let often dipped in the chocolates is adorned with melted milk chocolate by pouring it over the darker one to create a design and attribute to its appearance. Alluring and healthy as they are, kids adore these edibles for their get together. Fruit-lets used for this are the strawberries, berries, bananas, oranges, pineapples, apples and many dry fruits covered with the same. Any celebration can include display of this snack, treats, or included at weddings, anniversaries, mother’s day, also give surprise gifts to grandparents or your in laws. They will appreciate you for your thoughtfulness.

Combine with Cakes and Cookies

Chocolate dipped fruits on a stick appear like lollipops. Decorate the dipped berries with confetti, sugared sweet bits, sugar or anything you like. Varieties are available here with spice combinations like cardamom, cloves, ginger, cinnamon and spices that are required to make a difference for the taste buds. The idea behind all the adorning is fun with different tastes and flavors, chocolate covered caramel apples are like big balls of lollipops is a very appealing item. Sweet gingerbread is a variety with Indian jiggery and ginger with coco, a unique Australian item. Include the delicious and delightful chocolate covered fruits with cakes and cookies for parties and festivals. Our Indian companies enhance the taste with berries and nuts in the chocolate.

More Fruit Varieties

chocolate covered fruits

Let the taste of fruits linger in your mouth with each bite. Identify the fruits and veggie as you bite into your treat gradually. Experience every flavor added to make it unique and extraordinary. Emile is a company with real passion fruit and Tahitian vanilla, made from real fruit and vegetables, inclusive of the freshest items of fruits and other ingredients. Cherries and carrots, pomegranate seeds and plums are used fruits used in Belgian items to make delicious and delightful chocolate covered fruits. People try out the recipes at home with fruit slices dipped into the cocoa. These wonderful treats are altogether stunning and healthy edibles for all age groups, so, celebrate every occasion with these fresh fruit edibles to capture the hearts of guests and friends.

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