Hidden Costs to your Wedding Overhead


We all know how expensive weddings can be: the dress, the rehearsal dinner, the reception all add up to thousands of dollars. That being said, there are also a lot of other costs that are part of a typical marriage that we don’t always think of when we’re planning a major life event. Here are some other costs you’ll probably encounter when you’re itemizing your wedding expenses and overhead:

The rings. Although most couples split this into engagement ring and wedding rings, often their purchased as a set long before the big day so the cost isn’t included in the final breakdown.

Miscellaneous meals and trips. If you’re planning multiple shopping trips with members of your wedding party, chances are you’re going to be picking up the tab for multiple meals, too.

Drivers. Sure you’ve planned for a limo after the ceremony, but you might have to arrange taxis or other drivers for parents and other elderly family members. The same goes for out of town visitors: you may have to pay for your grandparent’s hotel stay during the big event.

Honeymoon expenses. Even if you’ve booked an all inclusive cruise or resort stay, you’ll have meals and tips and extra events to pay for along the way. Make sure you know the rates and expected gratuities for your destination.

Vacation time. Sure, you get paid time off on your vacation, but your bills don’t take a break just because you’re getting married. Make sure you don’t get behind when you’re planning ahead!

Gifts for the wedding party. It’s customary to give each member of the wedding party a token of your appreciation, and that can add up quickly. Guys, gals, and the flower girl and ring bearer will all need something that shows you thank them for standing with you.

Extras for parents. You’ve probably covered the flowers for the moms, but you’ll most likely spend extra on meals and other items while entertaining your parents and planning the event.

Sitters. Most likely, you’ll need a gift or payment for a housesitter and possible pet sitter while you’re on your honeymoon, so remember to add this to your final tally!


August 2nd, 2017 by