Quick Ways to Fund Your Holiday Escape


If you have just been invited to an awesome holiday escape with a bunch of friends or family, you may be wondering why you said yes to such a recent upcoming trip when you’re on a budget. When you think about it, you’ll need cash and chances are you will most likely need a chunk of it to afford a week, let alone 10 days of holidays which involves accommodation, transportation, food and entertainment. As a solution, let’s take a look at how to find quick ways to fund your holiday escape.

Online Casino Gaming

Sure online casino gaming involves a certain level of chance, but as with anything worth risking, the payouts could potentially be life changing, depending if you put it all on red or if you put it all on black at the roulette tables. Although casino gaming is risky, there are many popular and rewarding games to choose from. Some online casinos allow players to sign up using a welcome bonus or free casino cash which could prove to be incredibly lucrative.

Part Time Work in Hospitality

You may work a 9 to 5 job and are completely exhausted by the time your heads hits the pillow, but working part time in hospitality can prove to be incredibly rewarding. Whether you opt to wait tables or serve customers at the bar, it is not impossible to keep up with the hectic schedule if you pace yourself and work an extra shift once to three times a week.

Travel Fund Investment

Investing in a travel fund isn’t as half as difficult or complicated as it may sound. Any profit or additional cash earned during your financial year can be deposited into an account that cannot be touched for the year. Although this is more of a long term plan, many travellers are adopting this way of thinking. Any residual income is then transferred into their holiday fund accounts.


Assess the current state of your expenses and try to make some cuts where you can. Think about what you may be able to sacrifice in order to get that dream vacation you have been fantasizing about. By cutting unnecessary expenses, you are able to save more money which could prove to be a pretty penny if you cut expenses right.

You won’t need bucket loads to spend on your vacation if you choose cheaper accommodations and watch your spending when abroad. Try not to buy too many souvenirs as these may cost more than anticipated. Spend wisely on your vacation and you should have ample money to buy items that truly matter.

November 22nd, 2018 by