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Men have found different ways to express their obsessions with cars ever since cars became commonplace on the roads. These obsessions run deep, touching on everything from extravagant wheels to crazy modifications. You’ll be surprised by just how far people will go to show their love for their vehicles.

I’m in Love With my Car

Everyone knows someone who loves his or her car a little too much. Maybe they put in too much effort caring for the vehicle, or maybe they won’t let any friends or pets too close. Still, there’s someone out there who takes love for a car to a completely new level.

Nathaniel, a customer service technician, has a deep obsession with his car. It’s a red 1998 Monte Carlo. Nathaniel named the car Chase. He and Chase have something of a typical relationship, except, of course, that Chase is a car. Nathaniel takes Chase on dates, gives Chase a kiss every morning, and buys Chase birthday presents. The man can’t go longer than 24 hours away from the car—being apart for a long time makes him cry.

While Nathaniel’s story might seem a bit extreme, plenty of others have obsessions with cars that get them into trouble.

Wheels to Die For

Some people are so obsessed with rims they’ll literally kill to get a set. The desire for a nice set of wheels has spread rapidly from sports stars and rappers to mere SUV drivers in the suburbs. And these rims aren’t cheap—spinners, a kind that continues spinning after the car stops, go for upwards of $10,000. This expensive status symbol has even led to murder as thieves have killed the vehicle’s owner for the wheels or killed police who have tried to interrupt a theft.

Annual sales of rims are in the billions. Of course, an underground economy has followed along, stocked by chop shops and thieves. Expensive rims have also caused the rate of auto thefts overall to rise. Now, when someone reports a crime related to their car, investigators don’t just ask details about the car. They ask about its wheels.

Crazy Modifications


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Used car dealers have seen it all. Many car lovers express their feelings for their vehicles through bizarre modifications that decorate and personalize the cars. While modifications are not uncommon, some car owners have taken it to another level. There’s an alien car, a car that functions (briefly) like an airplane, even an invisible car. Modification obsessions are one way that people take their love for cars very, very far.

Women’s Obsessions

While expensive wheels and other modifications are often the realm of men, women also develop obsessions for their cars. Sure, women are less likely to do modifications that make their vehicles more difficult or expensive to insure. They still buy cars based on color, decorate the interior with mirrors, decals, and other accessories, and develop attachments to cars that are better off upgraded.

Since cars became commonly available, people have found ways to express their love for their vehicles on the road. Some are stranger than others.

Author Bio: Joe Fortunato is a freelance writer from Tampa, Florida. He enjoys learning about new subjects, following his Baltimore Orioles, and traveling the country for fishing. You can find Joe on Twitter at@joey_fort.

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