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Spain is known as a diverse country where it shares Iberian Peninsula with Portugal in the western end of the Mediterranean Sea. This country has the second biggest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites next to Italy, and it has also the biggest number of World Heritage Cities. In Europe, this is an exotic country because it has friendly inhabitants, good and delicious cuisine, relaxed lifestyle, world-class festivities, world-famous folklore, and vibrant nightlife.

However, apart from all that, this country also boasts its mountain ranges, varied landscapes, and well-marked trails, making it an ideal place for trekkers and hikers to explore. Not sure where to go first? Do not worry because here are the best hiking routes in Spain, you need to considered look for car hire malaga to do all routes.

  • Cumbre Vieja (In La Palma)

Situated on the beautiful island of La Palma, Cumbre Vieja is known to be a beautiful volcanic ridge. Stretching from north to south, this trail is roughly 150 kilometers. More often than not, it will take you about 8 to 10 days to complete it.

Moreover, if you don’t like to walk, you may select two shorter walks which is the Route of the Volcanoes and Ruta de la Cresteria.

  • Camino de Santiago

Otherwise called as The Way of St. James, Camino de Santiago is a popular walking route in Spain. It’s a series old pilgrim routes where the trail begins in some unique places across the French border. Then, it ends up right at the Cathedral of Santiago situated in Galicia. In fact, the oldest path starts at the Saint Jean Pied de Port.

There’s another route known as Cami Catala. It begins at the Montserrat monastery and joins up along with the Camino de Santiago at the same place.

  • Ruta del Cares (In Picos de Europa)

Rufa del Cares is another famous and breathtaking route near Picos de Europa National Park. This runs for about 12 kilometers, starting from Poncebos to Casin. Also called the “The Divine Gorge”, this trail is specifically designed out of rocks, streams, and traverse bridges.

  • Pico Sobarcal (In Pyrenees)

Nestled in the Huesca province on the northern part of Aragon, Pico Sobarcal runs approximately 2,259 meters. You’ll definitely love your hiking experience here due to the scenic views of Pyrenees. The entire hike experience will take not less than seven hours. Worry not because you just need to do a moderate climb. However, it gets hard when you are approaching the peak because of the rocky terrain. Thus, reaching its top is exclusive for advanced mountaineers and hikers only.

Make sure to get the weather forecast first before starting your journey. If you plan for a hiking tour, you should be aware of your route. Day hiking could be enjoyable and a lot safer than an overnight journey. Hikers can also try the shuttle routes in the village areas, which offer better transportation, shopping, campground, and hotel.

Final Thoughts

Hiking in Spain is different from other backpacking experiences. Explore and enjoy its awe-inspiring landscapes!

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