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Your anniversary is rolling around again and you’ve had no time to plan anything. What you need is something simple and stress free but utterly amazing – you need the ultimate anniversary celebration. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to the nightmare you think it does. By all means, feel free to splash out and make a statement, romance isn’t really about how you’ve got in the bank or how many flowers you can buy in a day. It’s about imagination and creativity. It’s about care and attention – all you have to do is plan something that you know your other half will adore. It also helps if you can have a good time doing it as well.

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Here are some amazing anniversary ideas that you can use to plan an event to remember. Some are expensive, some don’t cost very much at all – it’s entirely up to you how flashy you want to be.

Book A Cabin In The Woods

Forget all of the horror films you’ve seen – they’re dead wrong. A cabin in the woods can be super romantic and extremely relaxing, says journalist Lori Thayer. The big draw of this idea is, of course, the isolation. There’s nobody around to see you misbehave and there’s nobody around to ask you to be quiet. There are two options – a UK getaway or a European trip. The only real difference is the sun. If you and your partner are real sun worshippers, you might want to pick an overseas cabin. If you prefer a roaring fire and cuddling under sheepskin blankets – why not a cabin in Scotland or Wales. There’s also the French Alps if the UK isn’t quite exciting enough for you.

Visit A Theme Park

Remember when you were nineteen and you couldn’t think of anything better than an entire day spent at Alton Towers? It’s time to revisit those days. Bundle your other half into the car and head off for a day of exhilaration. No kids allowed though – this day has to be all about you. Laugh, act silly and be completely immature. You’ll have a whale of a time. Ride as many roller-coasters as you can and finish the day with a candlelit meal in a nearby restaurant. Offer to drive on the way back and watch your partner struggle to stay awake after a day of thrills and spills.

Check Into A Bed & Breakfast

Who says you have to splash out on an entire holiday in order to please your spouse? If you can’t quite afford a full break – why not book yourselves into a luxury bed and breakfast for the night? Enjoy the privacy and the time away from the kids by tucking into champagne, chocolates and a romantic evening meal, say experts at

Celebrate At Home

If you really can’t afford the money or the time spent on a getaway, you could always turn your house into the ultimate love-pad. Send the kids away to a babysitter, fill the lounge with candles and duvets and turn off all electronics. Share a home cooked meal and then just talk like you used to when you first met. If you don’t fancy cooking, order in and splash out on a fancy bottle of wine. Do not switch on your phone, computer or TV set – it would be a real romance killer and quite inconsiderate. So don’t do it.

Make Them A Cheesy Present

This is a great idea for couples who are super comfortable with acting silly in front of one another. It doesn’t matter if you rubbish at being creative – it’s not about creating the best present. It’s about the effort that goes into it. Write your partner a poem, sing them a song, draw them a portrait – it doesn’t matter what you choose to do, says money saving website The only rules are that you can’t spend much money on supplies and you can’t get somebody else to do it for you. You must present both presents at the same time. Don’t be afraid to have a giggle about it either.

Kevin is a couples therapist and currently writing a book on relationship dynamics. He uses Room For Romance for great quality romantic breaks for couples. Kevin can be found online sharing her advice for keeping your relationship alive.

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