The Essential Reasons Why Self-Catering Accommodations are Better for Your Family Holiday


For sure you’ve heard of self-catering accommodations before – they are getting more and more popular, after all, and for many good reasons. There was a time when you had to make sure your hotels were booked, that you knew when to check in and check out, that you had to check out the size of rooms and the meals – but all of that are in the past. Self-catering accommodations took care of that.

Self-catering accommodations offer many benefits, and if you’ve never experienced a holiday in such a house or flat, you may want to try it. Here are the essential reasons why self-catering accommodations are better for your family holiday.

A lot more freedom

The freedom that you get from renting a privately owned home or flat is much larger than the freedom any hotel, motel, inn, or resort will afford you – you are in a home away from home, and can truly do as you please. It’s a matter of making your own schedule (and hence, not having to adhere to one that is set for you), and it’s a matter of going where you please, when you please. In other words, it’s a matter of taking things into your hands.

Great for the family

When you’re with a family, you know that children can be a handful – and that’s often a concern or cause of stress when you have to visit public areas (such as dining rooms) or if you have to deal with many other people (such as is the case in a hotel). Self-catering accommodations such as the ones from ensure you are not disturbed by other people and that you (or your children) won’t disturb anyone else.

Better accommodations

Compared to a hotel room or other similar places, self-catering accommodations offer you a lot more space, and there are more rooms available for privacy as well.

Great amenities

You’ve got a great kitchen available, you’ve got your own living area, you may even get a laundry room and a terrace – just for you (and at a much cheaper rate than at a hotel).

A much better menu

You eat when you want to eat, where you want to eat, and what you want to eat. This is especially important if there are family members with dietary requirements.

All in all, it comes back to one basic thing: you get a lot more value for your money when you book with a self-catering accommodation – you get more freedom, a larger and more luxurious accommodation with great amenities, and you can plan your holiday just the way you want to. The next time you plan a holiday, do it differently. Go for self-catering accommodations and go to a home away from home.

August 12th, 2017 by