7+1 Must-Have Gadgets For Campers


A camping trip is on many people’s agenda, whether in high summer or late autumn. What’s not to love about camping? The fact that it brings us closer to nature (and all the great benefits this has to our mental state and stress levels) or that it offers a short, yet so rejuvenating, get away from the craziness of the hurried modern lifestyle? No matter the reason you choose to go on a camping trip, packing some cool accessories and gadgets can make living in the great outdoors even more enjoyable. Below are some you could consider whether you are staying in a tent or a cozy cabin.

Rugged smartphone case

A smartphone case built from a thick, dirt-resistant material will protect your phone from unexpected falls in creeks or the rough mountainous terrain. Prefer cases made from polycarbonate, which is a material known for its durability and also shatterproof and flame-resistant properties. Take a look in the current market, and you will come across plenty of models that are waterproof up to 5 or 6 feet, as well as cases with rubber grips.

Power charger

Some really awesome chargers convert hydrogen and carbon into electricity – enough to turn your camp stove into a power source so you can cook a meal. They come with fuel cells that are activated by fire. You simply place these fuel cells under the charcoal of your cook stove, and they generate power to charge your LED light unit (or any other device) with some 20-30 hours of light (in full charged mode).

Speaking of charging options, one should not forget the good-old solar charger, which still comprises an excellent choice for the times you are enjoying the great outdoors. The great thing about solar chargers is that they have evolved so much in the last few years that you may even find rollable models that you can carry comfortably in your backpack. Look around, and you will surely come across models that feature lithium-ion batteries, a multi-pronged USB cable to charge several gadgets in one go, and polycrystalline solar panels, which are selling like hotcakes right now!

Now, if you need a more robust solar charger, keep an eye for shock and water-resistant models with a clam-shell case. Such models usually come with a variety of adapters to charge almost any gadget you may bring along.

Water filter

A must for every camping and hiking enthusiast. Today’s water filters are more advanced and come with a 2-stage filtration process that effectively removes chlorine, protozoa, bacteria, and bad taste, allowing you to get safe water at all times when on the go. On top of that, many models are also lightweight, compact, and made of durable stainless steel. The best thing about them? They don’t require batteries or electrical power as they usually sport a replaceable activated carbon capsule.

Multi-functional camp stove

Modern camp stoves use biomass like pine cones and twigs, providing a lighter and cleaner way to prepare a meal when on a camping trip. They no longer need fuel so dragging fuel canisters is a task you won’t be performing anymore. Plus, the heat they generate when you cook turns into electricity – enough to charge your lights or gadgets.

Rolling grill

Going on a camping trip and eating grilled food definitely go hand-in-hand. Forget the days when portable grills were heavy and bulky, making them quite a challenge to carry around. Treat yourself to a rolling BBQ grill made from lightweight and very durable aluminium. To be able to roll up into a compact, easy-to-carry cylinder of no more than a pound or two such grills usually comes with hollow modular grates. Size-adjustable stakes and grill guards may also be included in the package.

Whether you choose to look for a grill that is coated with non-stick Teflon for easy cleaning and healthier food is really up to you, especially considering the debate going on about its use the past few years.

Portable speakers

Having a set of portable speakers that you can connect to your smartphone or MP3 player to ensure you have some music in your tent is always a great idea. But, what happens when you set up camp somewhere quite remote and you need to figure out ways to keep your pack as lightweight as possible? This is where a folded cardboard amplifier comes into play. The flat-pack gadget neatly stores in your backpack or pocket for when you set up camp. Just pop it up and let the music swirl around the campfire.

Cook-and-charge pot

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you had a pot that could convert heat into electrical power to charge your gadgets when on a camping trip? In the current market, there are plenty of such thermoelectric generators that do exactly that. All you need to do is add water to the pot (you will need a heat source like a stove or campfire to place the pot on), and it will do all the work. Don’t worry about fire hazards. Just make sure the model you choose comes with a long-enough, flame-resistant, heavy-duty wire that will allow you to safely charge your stuff or even power your fan, light, and speakers.

All gadgets aside, going on a camping trip comes with a need for power. And, although some devices can indeed provide some power to charge low-power USB appliances, you still need to find a way to keep things running (i.e. a small refrigerator), so you may experience this outing with all the comforts you like. This is why it is always best to have a small, portable diesel generator with you. There are many super-silent diesel generators for sale that require a minimum installation effort on your side to choose from. Just determine your power needs and pick the one that covers them adequately!

Enjoy your outing!

September 7th, 2020 by