Adventurous Activities to Enjoy in Turkey


Turkey is simply a tourist paradise that is emerging as one of the most popular destinations in the world to travel. The place brings lots of opportunities for tourism apart from sightseeing and shopping. For adventure seekers, the country features many mountains offering best of winter sports. Here visitors can enjoy various activities like skiing, mountain climbing and hiking. Agri-Mount Ararat, Kayseri-Mount-Erciyes and Rize Kacker Mountain Range are few sites to enjoy the activities. Visit this wonderful place to explore history and culture and also get the thrill of enjoying several activities. Here is the list of some activities that can be enjoyed in Turkey.


Recognized with the discovery by foreign pilots of Mount Baba in Fethiye, Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon) region, Paragliding started in Turkey in the starting of 1990s in university clubs. Presently, this activity is being performed by a huge number of people. This is basically a parachute sport, which does not need any special skill or effort. It is really easy and can be enjoyed after a standard training. Paragliding training is given by THK, university clubs and private clubs.

Delta Wings

It is another popular activity to be enjoyed in Turkey. It features a single person flight vehicle that flies with wind and other air impacts and has no motor. It takes off and floats on air and comes back to the land. It requires more training period for flying. Delta Wings sports are performed at those places where paragliding is enjoyed.

Micro Light

Micro light is a basic mechanical flying vessel that has a basic motor structure and used be for single or two persons. It can land and take off within short distances. It also flies without motor like delta wings. For flying with micro light in Turkey, one needs to contact Turkish Aviation Organization or aviation clubs.


It is an interesting & adventurous sports activity that can be enjoyed in winter from forested mountains of average height. This ski center is situated 36 km south of Bursa and 150 km from Istanbul. This recreational activity allows the participants using their shoes on the feet and slide on top of snow. This activity gives a wonderful experience to the tourists. The Kartalkaya Skiing Resort, Kastamonu Ilgaz Ski Resort, The Elmadag Ski Resort, Yolaçtı Ski Resort, Erzincan – Bolkar are some popular destinations for skiing in Turkey.

Water Sports Activities

Positioned between Europe and the Middle East, Turkey is an ultimate destination for tourists, which offer several water sports on its stunning beaches and cozy bays. Along with wonderful fresh food and amiable locals, enjoy here several water sports activities like Kitesurfing, Rafting & Canoeing, Scuba diving, Yachting and rafting.

For an adventurous holiday, Turkey is a wonderful place. This is the reason; this country is emerging as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and there is possibility of air travel booking for here.

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