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February 13th, 2016 by kyle

Over the past few years prices have been falling across much of Europe, making it a more attractive place than ever for family holidays. High-end destinations have become affordable for ordinary families and favourite beach resorts have started offering fantastic package deals. All this makes it easier to treat your family to an amazing holiday with something for everyone.

Dream destinations for kids

If you talk to children who have been on European holidays, you’ll find that these are some of the destinations they like best – and they all have something for grown-ups, too!

  • Salema, Portugal. This Algarve beauty spot may not be a big name but young children just love its long, golden beach, whilst clear, shallow waters make splashing around safer. It’s also great for finding shells. Stay in a local cottage and enjoy the unspoiled countryside.

  • Alghero, Sardinia. A mixture of sandy and pebbly beaches keeps things interesting and you can have a go at kayaking together. Stay at Monte Sixeri Farm where your kids can go wild in the playground or help feed the animals while you relax in the pool.

  • Arrieta, Lanzarote. Rugged countryside, a charming old town and secluded sandy beaches mean there’s a lot to explore. Stay in a yurt at Lanzarote Retreats where children will love the adventure playground, pool full of inflatable toys and friendly resident donkey.

  • Avoriaz, France. For something a bit different, check out this child-friendly ski resort that has some slopes safe enough for toddlers and horse-drawn sleighs to ride in. Stay in a spacious family chalet and take your kids to explore the Village des Enfants.

  • Devon, England. It may seem modest, but kids don’t care – they love fossil hunting on the beaches and exploring the souvenir shops in the villages, where there are many child-friendly eateries. Stay in a caravan at one of the many family-focused sites along the coast.

The dog comes too!

Recognising that your furry family members matter too, many of these locations are dog friendly. It’s increasingly easy to find pet-friendly hotels, some of which provide extras to make dogs feel welcome, and a high proportion of camping and caravan sites and rental cottages will let your pets stay too.

Make sure you take the time to prepare your pet for travelling. You’ll need to plan so you can find suitable food. Most basic medications like dog flea tablets, available from specialists such as Bob Martin Vetcare, are legal right across Europe but if your pet needs something more unusual then you should ask your vet for advice before you set off. Remember to pack familiar bedding and a few favourite toys to help your dog feel secure.

Planning your travel

Travelling with your children and the dog is always complicated. To cut down on the chaos it’s important to plan well around everything from rest stops (including ones where you can walk the dog) to packing snacks and water. You’ll need to check that your transport options can cater for everyone and you’ll need to find ways to make sure everyone has fun. Get it right, though, and nothing compares to the fun of being on holiday, all together.

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Blue Dome Churches Oia Santorini
December 29th, 2015 by kyle

Santorini is the jewel in the Agean Sea’s crown – a stunning island with a rugged landscape shaped by a volcanic eruption in the 16th Century B.C, its jagged cliff faces plunge into the turquoise sea while its beautiful beaches are made up of black, red, and white lava pebbles.

It’s not all about the coastline, though, and if you’re prepared to scratch below the surface or take a trip off the beaten track there are even more natural wonders to discover. Booking with travel-agents that specialise in the local area is a great way to get advice on the ‘insider’ things to do, away from the usual tourist destinations.

Here are 3 things you have to do if you visit though:

Check out the Caldera

The caldera is the underwater crater and the partly-visible rim of the volcano that formed Santorini and is one of the island’s truly natural wonders. It’s worth staying in one of the cliff-side villages of Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli or Oia to make sure you have the time to take in this natural wonder.

And although not part of the island’s ‘natural’ beauty, the whitewashed, cubist buildings – some of which seem to be precariously clinging to the cliff faces – are perfectly at odds with the rugged rocks and add to what is a truly unique landscape.

You can even get up close to the caldera and its characteristic volcanic rock smells, by staying in any one of the cave houses, or Yposkafo, that were built by locals to protect against the high winds that sometimes batter the coast but now house luxury tourist accommodation.

If you’re feeling active then taking the seven-and-a-half mile clifftop walk between Fira and Oia is a great way to check out the breath-taking scenery this part of the island has to offer.

Hit the hot springs

You can get an even closer view of the volcano by taking a short boat ride to the centre of the caldera and the small volcanic island of Nea Kameni. Enjoy the stunning views from a different perspective while walking among the steaming craters and take a dip in the hot springs to reap the benefits of the anti-ageing properties of the water.

Experience a sunset

There are few things as beautiful or romantic as a sunset, and the weather in Santorini means you can enjoy breath-taking sunsets all year round from almost anywhere on the island.

If it’s romance you’re after, take a trip out to some of the more remote spots, like the lighthouse at Faros, or Vlihada beach where you can enjoy sundown from the shadows cast by the volcanic rock formations.

Pyrgos is great for sunset seekers as it’s one of the island’s highest points, while the Oia Castle offers one of the most popular vantage points.

Explore the beautiful beaches

The beaches of Santorini are truly unique and some of the best ones can only be reached by boat – White Beach, for instance, is a black pebble beach surrounded by chalk-white cliffs, while Red Beach has red and black volcanic pebbles and is flanked by imposing red rock cliffs.

A trip to Cape Columbo will take you to one of the island’s most isolated and quietest beaches, the only real downside being that this part of the island can get very windy and the waves pretty powerful – and it’s this wind and wave combination that has carved out the rugged coastline at Columbo.

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November 21st, 2015 by kyle

The nights are drawing in; it’s dark by 4pm and the air’s taken on a bitter chill. It’s time to put away with the floaty dresses and shorts and pull out the winter coats, jumpers and scarves in a bid to stay warm throughout the winter months. At this time of year we prefer to draw the curtains against the gloom, crank up the heating and snuggle up indoors.

Of course, a lot of us like to take a bit of time out in winter and take a trip away. While it’s no longer beach season, there are still plenty of great places to visit in the UK, whether it’s for a week away or just a romantic weekend with lots of opportunities for comfort and warmth. Here are some of the cosiest places to visit in the UK this winter.


Millgate House, North Yorkshire

Millgate House is perfect for people looking for a cosy and intimate trip away. The B&B was once a Regency house, offers three beautiful rooms and a unique, warm décor full of quirky antiques and pictures, not to mention a fantastic breakfast. There’s an open fireplace too, ideal for relaxing during the long, cold nights.

Boathouse, Knotts End

Located in the Lake District, the Boathouse is a unique and incredibly lovely place to stay. Surrounded by forests and a glacial lake, the house is decked out in warm oaks and has all the amenities you need for an intimate trip to the Lakes. It even comes with its own rowing boat! The Lake District is full of cosy retreats for the winter.

Bailiffscourt, West Yorkshire

The ancient manor house, built by Guinness magnate Lord Moyne, is heavily inspired by medieval architecture, with original stonework and woodwork, creating a close space. The effect is a warm and cosy place complete with roaring fireplaces, a spa and four poster beds decked out in beautiful reds and golds. A great place for people looking for a more traditional experience in West Yorkshire.

The Feathered Nest, Oxfordshire

Situated in a little village, the Feathered Nest is ideal for people looking for the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Each bedroom offers its own unique and cosy quirks and there’s an open fire in the bar for those chilly winter nights. The converted malt house also has plenty of history for anyone interested.

Tan y Bwlch, Gwynedd

This little Welsh cottage is perfect for holing up during the winter. It’s largely unaltered from its original state and offers everything from a rustic fireplace to original wooden beams and floors. The interior has been carefully cultivated for historical accuracy, and it’s a great place to curl up and sit out the cold, dark nights of winter.

This is just scratching the surface of the cosiest and most intimate winter holiday retreats in the UK during winter, but there are plenty of ways to make sure your own home is a haven from the chilly weather outside. For one thing, making sure you have a warm and comfortable bed from Bedstar is a sure fire way to beat the winter blues; after all, what’s better than snuggling up under a thick, fluffy duvet and drifting away to sleep?

Stay warm and comfy this winter, and maybe take some time to see how beautiful the UK can really be in during the colder months.

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The thai suite in myhotel Chelsea.
August 5th, 2015 by kyle

Booking a luxury weekend break in London is easier than you think. You can relax your cares away in the lap of luxury while you take in all that this fun city has to offer, and you can have an experience that you will never forget.


Royalty free photo

For help in setting up your luxury weekend break in London, check out the five step guide below.

It All Starts with Where You Stay

The first step you need to take is determining where you want to stay. There are plenty of luxury accommodations throughout London, but to really make the most of your weekend, it is best to book luxury suites London that will give you everything that you need to remain comfortable and content throughout your stay. Remember, not all hotels are created equal, and some are far more luxurious than others, so take your time to research the options that provide you with clean, spacious rooms and plenty of amenities.

Book Some Time at a Spa

London is also filled with luxurious spas where you can kick back and indulge in some of the best services for pampering yourself. From manicures and pedicures, to facials and whole body treatments, and, of course, massages, there are plenty of ways to feel like royalty. The best spas will have breathtaking views, all new facilities that are modern and clean, and friendly staff that are ready to help you feel magnificent.

Eat at the Best Restaurants

Sure, there are more places to eat throughout London than you can count, but if you want to dine like royalty, you can’t just go to any old restaurant. Instead, look for those restaurants that have made a name for themselves in the city as being the best of the best and the most opulent. Take, for example, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, which is considered one of the top culinary experiences you can enjoy in Britain, thanks to the fact that its chef is one of the highest rated of all of the chefs in the UK.

Check Out All the Sights

Set aside some time to really take in London’s unique beauty and history by exploring it by day and by night during your weekend break. With so many incredible landmarks, from gardens to palaces, be sure to bring your camera, wear comfortable shoes, and book private transportation to get to where you are going easily, comfortably, and quickly.

Go Shopping

London also features places like Sloane Street, which is the best shopping avenue in the city if you are in search of the world’s top luxury brands, from clothing to accessories created by the most famous designers. So go ahead and buy yourself something nice to remember your trip.

Now that you know how to plan a luxurious weekend getaway in London, what are you waiting for? As one of the most popular cities on the planet, this is one place that you will never forget, especially if you make it a point to experience only the very best that it has to offer.

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July 29th, 2015 by kyle

More and more people are choosing to go on river cruises instead of ocean cruises. It is also for this reason that tour operators like Tauck Tours are becoming so popular. Indeed, a river cruise is an opportunity to have a unique, luxurious holiday at a very affordable price. However, is it right for you?


Are Your Ready for a River Cruise?

The reality is that not everybody will enjoy a river cruise. While they have many benefits, some people simply enjoy ocean cruises or traditional modes of travel more. If you like some of the following things, then a river cruise may not be for you:

  • Having to pay for absolutely everything.
  • Having to pay more to eat a nice meal.
  • Having to pay more to go on an excursion.
  • Having to pay more for entertainment on your ship.
  • Being served by staff who will never remember your name and just want to get a tip.
  • Having to spend time in a confined space with thousands of other people.
  • Spending hours just to get off your ship if you visit a new port.
  • Driving for hours just to be able to get to an excursion.
  • Never having enough time to really experience your destination.
  • Having to share a dining room with at least 1,000 other people who all want to be served at the same time.
  • Getting seasick.
  • Having to stick to a certain wardrobe just to be ‘allowed’ to enjoy entertainment and dining.
  • Having to deal with bouncy teenagers and drunk louts during the ‘disco’.

If that is what you enjoy doing, then a river cruise is definitely not for you. That isn’t to say everything about ocean cruising is bad. After all, they are hugely successful and the inspiration behind river cruises as well. Indeed, if you have a choice between all the different types of vacations you can take, then an ocean cruise is probably the second best option out there. But the first best option simply has to be the river cruise.

Today, ocean liners have everything you can possibly think of, from five star dining experience to rock climbing walls and from casinos to ice skating facilities. Their rooms are luxurious, the entertainment is grand and the food is fantastic. But, in reality, it is almost like you are in a floating piece of Las Vegas. While this is enjoyable and certainly something that everybody should enjoy at least once in their lives, isn’t there more to a vacation than that?

With a river cruise, you will have the opportunity to experience new cities and destinations and you will get a unique perspective on the world. You will not have to spend days on the water with no land in sight. Rather, you will be able to enjoy the most breathtaking views every step of the way and you will be able to spend time in some of the world’s most fascinating historic and cultural cities.

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June 12th, 2015 by kyle

Planning a last minute holiday in the sun? You have plenty of time to get it organised yet (it’s only July, after all)! If you’re travelling from the UK, you have the whole EU at your fingertips, only a few hours’ flight away. It’s easy to take the family along too, without it costing the earth. Here are some fantastic options that might just be what you’re looking for:

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is known for its beautiful climate and decadent wines. Stay at a stunning 18th century farmhouse, which has multiple apartments for other families lucky enough to be staying there. Your kids may find themselves playmates, which would give you an opportunity to truly relax, while they all have fun in the pool. Oh, and did we mention that this estate grows its own amazing wine on-site? Where do we sign up?

Cabins, South France

This characterful cabin is a little wonky around the edges, but you can tell that it was a real labour of love – the nearby owner made it himself, and he has a wealth of knowledge on the local area, so get in his good books and he will make your holiday easy. You have fantastic views of the lake and gardens, plus your own kitchen, so you won’t have to stray too far from your cabin, if you don’t want to! And who could blame you – with the amazing scenery and charming, raised decking, you won’t want to go anywhere else.

Green Holidays, Ireland

For an amazing variety of outdoor pursuits, The Three Towers is an eco lodge – with apartments and cottages – which offers pony riding, as well as donkey walking, in the verdant Irish countryside. There is more than 2,000 acres of woodland close to your holiday home, ripe for exploring. The owners have “enchanted” certain areas of forestry for the children, filling them with magical fairies and gnomes – endless hours of play for the little ones. Best of all, it’s a short plane or ferry ride away.

Algarve, Portugal

Have you always wanted to stay in a tipi, somewhere close to nature? Portugal has a great campsite called Tipis in the Algarve, where everything is brightly coloured and you even have access to a pool. On hand, you will have a small vegetable garden to explore, and a yoga platform perfect for your morning sun salutations. They run communal BBQ nights, so you can get some grub with other likeminded people and make new friends. Bonus: the beach is just a 15 minute drive away!

A Quick Note On Booking Your Flight…

If you are looking for flights to any of the above, be sure to book at the cheapest time as possible, to make sure that your family holiday stays affordable! Go with a cheap flights operator, but read the comments about their services for your next trip on an established site, such as these Bravofly reviews. Don’t accidentally spoil your holiday by going with the wrong travel agent, as hidden costs and poor customer service can really dampen the holiday – choose someone you know you can trust.

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June 11th, 2015 by kyle

Not everyone loves the beach. Sand gets everywhere, it can get quite dull fairly quickly and who knows what is lurking below the ocean surface? It is possible to have a fun, fulfilling and relaxing holiday without heading to the coast and suffering the wind, seagulls and unpredictable weather. One of Britain’s great strengths as a holiday destination is it’s diversity. From rolling hills to vibrant cities there are breaks to suit everyone. Providers such as UK Breakaways cover a huge variety of holidays and there some fantastic last minute deals to be had across the internet.

Country Retreats

A great guide to some of the most picturesque areas of the country is the official National Parks website. There are parks all over the country which means you can travel as little or as far as you want to get to your next rural holiday destination. Hiring cottages, camping or even ‘glamping’ allows you to get back to nature and might mean that you save a bit of money. There are also activities to be done such as sailing, hiking and cycling.

Water Parks

As Britain is not blessed with the most reliably sunny weather conditions, it is not over-furnished with water parks. However if you are near to Stoke, Sunderland, Blackpool or Paignton you are in luck as they have WaterWorld, Wet N Wild, Sandcastle and Splashdown respectively.

Theme Parks

Britain has it’s fair share of great theme parks. Alton Towers has always led the way with great, high-octane rides, a kiddie-friendly offer and fantastic hotels. Legoland Windsor, Thorpe Park in Surrey as well as Flamingo Land in North Yorkshire and Drayton Manor in Staffordshire are also well worth the trip.

City Breaks

Ignore London. We’ve all been there, got the teddy bear beef eater and looked at the wax works in Madame Tussauds. There are many more interesting cities to see around the UK. Since gaining the title of Capital of Culture in 2008 Liverpool has gone from strength to strength with excellent museums, galleries and places to eat. Glasgow has a similarly vibrant cultural offer as does Cardiff. For more ‘olde worlde’ charm try York, Edinburgh or Chester.

Barge Holidays

For an altogether slower paced break, try a barge holiday either in the Norfolk broads, North Yorkshire or the Cotswolds. Seeing the countryside drift by while enjoying a cool glass of wine or a nice book is a thoroughly relaxing way to spend a few of your annual leave days. Companies such as Waterways give advice and have a portal to book through. In the words of Mr Alan Partridge “Water-way to have a good time!”

Cycling Holidays

For the active family and cycling trips is high energy and lots of fun. Cycling gives you the freedom to see the country on your own terms, it’s safe and great exercise.

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May 22nd, 2015 by kyle

As the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is a hot spot for weekend travelers. There are hundreds of things to do in Amsterdam, from sightseeing at historic sites and museums, smoking in coffeeshops,and ‘window-shopping’ in the Red Light District, tosimply enjoying its upbeat nightlife. Best seen by bike or foot, Amsterdam is aquaint city with its brick buildings, central canal, street performers, and charming Dutch crêpe spots.

To best explore Amsterdam, visit a local bike shop and rent a bike for a few hours.  Spend the day exploring historic sites, such as Dam Square – the site of the National Monument, Royal palace, and Nieuwe Kerke. At the heart of Amsterdam, Dam Square is a common gathering spot for tourists withits local street performers, cafés, and the occasional soccer match (yes, played on concrete). Other destinations could include the Anne Frank house or the famousI amsterdam sign. In the meantime, get lost exploring random cross streets – you may be surprised where they may lead.Who knows, you may happen across a marketplace, tavern, or a Smart & Sexy parade celebrating the rights of women. Amsterdam never ceases to surprise. Asa cautionary piece of advice, be mindful of the tramsthat tend to travel along the narrow streets without demanding much notice.

Amsterdam has a unique culturethat allows travelers to smoke in coffeeshops, explore museums by day, and witness the streets of the Red Light District by night. Amsterdam’s cannabis-stocked coffeeshops are a necessary stop for many travelers. There are more than 300 Amsterdam coffeeshops – with varying atmospheres and styles – to choose from. It is hard to miss the multitude ofpalm tree logos, COFFEESHOP signs, and Rastafarian flags that advertise that a place sells marijuana.

One of the most popular museums inAmsterdam is the Heineken Experience – afun, interactive exhibit that educates about the brewing process.The 75-minute guided tour includes beer tastings, virtual bartending lessons, futuristic recliners for watching classic Heineken commercials, and more!

For a uniquely eye-opening experience, spend an evening inAmsterdam’s Red Light District – one of the oldest parts of the city that is best known for its sex shops, adult theaters, and red-lit windowdisplays of young women selling their services.Theprude or faint of heart should be forewarned that this could be an emotion-provoking experience.

As the streets of Amsterdam come alive at night, travelers can tailor their choices by selecting from a variety of clubs, pubs, and dance festivals. ProeflokaalArendsnest is a popular destination for all beer lovers, who appreciate the 24-page listing of beers with bios of their histories, ingredients and flavors. This traditional Dutch pub – with authentic blackboard menus, copper taps, and wooden interior – attracts a local cliental. For the club-goers, Paradiso is a popular multilevel dance venue that is famous for delivering intimate performances by well-known musicians.This former 19th– Century church – with massive balconies and stainedglass windows – has an upstairs that sets the stage for musicians and DJs, a smoking room on the second floor, and a basement café. The headliners perform on the stage in the main room and, in the past, have included the Rolling Stones, Jamiroquai, and Willie Nelson.


Daniel Hogan is a writer at Party Earth – a global media and entertainment company that publishes reviews and listings of the best social experiences around the world including: things to do in Amsterdam , clubs in London, beaches in Ibiza, plazas in Rome, bars in NYC, festivals and concerts everywhere, and more.

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May 21st, 2015 by tombrown

Hollywood Theaters at Grand Cayman is a famous state of the art audio visual venue, which features the current movies in six screen digital presentation with the use of real D 3D technology. It features great movies to be enjoyed by kids in the afternoon and even great movies for couple’s date nights. You will also feel the comfort and luxury of stadium seating. If you are planning of going to movies, then make a wise decision and go to Hollywood Theatres.


What made Hollywood Theaters the best?

State of the art equipment

Hollywood Theaters only delivers the best movies using high quality state of the art equipment. The six screens feature absolute digital projection to ensure that viewers will be able to enjoy their movie experience. Furthermore, Hollywood Theaters uses Dolby digital surround sound to ensure sound sharpness. Every viewer is guaranteed that they will experience finest picture, high quality sound, and classy environment. Not to mention the high back reclining seats.

Screening time and policy

Majority of the featured films are released the same day as the US movie screening. Blockbuster films are featured in two to three theaters with numerous time slots. So you can literally choose your viewing schedule as per your convenience. Hollywood Theaters make sure that their show time can cater to all viewers. The show time is staggered into different schedules from early afternoon until evening. Matinee prices are also offered for every movie screened before 6 PM. Aside from that, Hollywood Theaters also follow a strict policy every Saturday night. Those viewers below 18 years old should be accompanied by their parents or guardians every Saturday night.

Foods to nibble on

Going to movies is never complete without having foods to nibble on. Hollywood Theaters has concession stand offering huge selection of foods starting from savoury foods to sweets. There are popcorn stands, fries, burger, hotdog, nachos, candies, chocolates, drinks, and so much more.


Adjacent to the concessioner stand is the movie trailer room, which features the must watch upcoming movies. Aside from that, the theater also offers gift certificates to be enjoyed by you and your family. The gift certificate can be readily purchased at the box office anytime you want to. Aside from the gift certificates, you can also buy supersaver tickets. Through these tickets, you will be able to save great discounts with every 25 tickets you purchase. If you hate falling in line in buying tickets, then don’t worry for Hollywood Theatres offer online ticket purchase. However, there is an additional service fee for ordering tickets online.

Special feature

If you are planning to hold a party or a corporate event, then you can contact the administrator of the Hollywood Theaters. The theater is a perfect venue for numerous events, especially for corporate meetings considering its state of the art equipment such as:

  • Stadium seating- corporate personnel will feel relaxed and comfortable while sitting in a recliner.
  • Wireless microphones- with wireless microphone technology, presenter will be able to discuss the flow of the meeting in a convenient manner.
  • Large screen- presentations can be easily presented and understood through wide screen, which remotely controlled inside the auditorium.
  • Connectivity- the Hollywood Theaters also allows Apple users to connect their phone and iPad to the A/V System of the theater. 

Author Bio

Janess Kim is an avid movie enthusiast. She has been to various movie theatres and one particular theater that fascinates her most is Hollywood Theaters Grand Cayman. She treats watching movies as a perfect form of relaxation, especially when she is not busy with her article writing job.

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February 17th, 2015 by Keira Rose

Your anniversary is rolling around again and you’ve had no time to plan anything. What you need is something simple and stress free but utterly amazing – you need the ultimate anniversary celebration. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to the nightmare you think it does. By all means, feel free to splash out and make a statement, romance isn’t really about how you’ve got in the bank or how many flowers you can buy in a day. It’s about imagination and creativity. It’s about care and attention – all you have to do is plan something that you know your other half will adore. It also helps if you can have a good time doing it as well.

romantic breaks
Here are some amazing anniversary ideas that you can use to plan an event to remember. Some are expensive, some don’t cost very much at all – it’s entirely up to you how flashy you want to be.

Book A Cabin In The Woods

Forget all of the horror films you’ve seen – they’re dead wrong. A cabin in the woods can be super romantic and extremely relaxing, says journalist Lori Thayer. The big draw of this idea is, of course, the isolation. There’s nobody around to see you misbehave and there’s nobody around to ask you to be quiet. There are two options – a UK getaway or a European trip. The only real difference is the sun. If you and your partner are real sun worshippers, you might want to pick an overseas cabin. If you prefer a roaring fire and cuddling under sheepskin blankets – why not a cabin in Scotland or Wales. There’s also the French Alps if the UK isn’t quite exciting enough for you.

Visit A Theme Park

Remember when you were nineteen and you couldn’t think of anything better than an entire day spent at Alton Towers? It’s time to revisit those days. Bundle your other half into the car and head off for a day of exhilaration. No kids allowed though – this day has to be all about you. Laugh, act silly and be completely immature. You’ll have a whale of a time. Ride as many roller-coasters as you can and finish the day with a candlelit meal in a nearby restaurant. Offer to drive on the way back and watch your partner struggle to stay awake after a day of thrills and spills.

Check Into A Bed & Breakfast

Who says you have to splash out on an entire holiday in order to please your spouse? If you can’t quite afford a full break – why not book yourselves into a luxury bed and breakfast for the night? Enjoy the privacy and the time away from the kids by tucking into champagne, chocolates and a romantic evening meal, say experts at

Celebrate At Home

If you really can’t afford the money or the time spent on a getaway, you could always turn your house into the ultimate love-pad. Send the kids away to a babysitter, fill the lounge with candles and duvets and turn off all electronics. Share a home cooked meal and then just talk like you used to when you first met. If you don’t fancy cooking, order in and splash out on a fancy bottle of wine. Do not switch on your phone, computer or TV set – it would be a real romance killer and quite inconsiderate. So don’t do it.

Make Them A Cheesy Present

This is a great idea for couples who are super comfortable with acting silly in front of one another. It doesn’t matter if you rubbish at being creative – it’s not about creating the best present. It’s about the effort that goes into it. Write your partner a poem, sing them a song, draw them a portrait – it doesn’t matter what you choose to do, says money saving website The only rules are that you can’t spend much money on supplies and you can’t get somebody else to do it for you. You must present both presents at the same time. Don’t be afraid to have a giggle about it either.

Kevin is a couples therapist and currently writing a book on relationship dynamics. He uses Room For Romance for great quality romantic breaks for couples. Kevin can be found online sharing her advice for keeping your relationship alive.

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