Hollywood Theaters: The Entertainment Destination In Grand Cayman


Hollywood Theaters at Grand Cayman is a famous state of the art audio visual venue, which features the current movies in six screen digital presentation with the use of real D 3D technology. It features great movies to be enjoyed by kids in the afternoon and even great movies for couple’s date nights. You will also feel the comfort and luxury of stadium seating. If you are planning of going to movies, then make a wise decision and go to Hollywood Theatres.


What made Hollywood Theaters the best?

State of the art equipment

Hollywood Theaters only delivers the best movies using high quality state of the art equipment. The six screens feature absolute digital projection to ensure that viewers will be able to enjoy their movie experience. Furthermore, Hollywood Theaters uses Dolby digital surround sound to ensure sound sharpness. Every viewer is guaranteed that they will experience finest picture, high quality sound, and classy environment. Not to mention the high back reclining seats.

Screening time and policy

Majority of the featured films are released the same day as the US movie screening. Blockbuster films are featured in two to three theaters with numerous time slots. So you can literally choose your viewing schedule as per your convenience. Hollywood Theaters make sure that their show time can cater to all viewers. The show time is staggered into different schedules from early afternoon until evening. Matinee prices are also offered for every movie screened before 6 PM. Aside from that, Hollywood Theaters also follow a strict policy every Saturday night. Those viewers below 18 years old should be accompanied by their parents or guardians every Saturday night.

Foods to nibble on

Going to movies is never complete without having foods to nibble on. Hollywood Theaters has concession stand offering huge selection of foods starting from savoury foods to sweets. There are popcorn stands, fries, burger, hotdog, nachos, candies, chocolates, drinks, and so much more.


Adjacent to the concessioner stand is the movie trailer room, which features the must watch upcoming movies. Aside from that, the theater also offers gift certificates to be enjoyed by you and your family. The gift certificate can be readily purchased at the box office anytime you want to. Aside from the gift certificates, you can also buy supersaver tickets. Through these tickets, you will be able to save great discounts with every 25 tickets you purchase. If you hate falling in line in buying tickets, then don’t worry for Hollywood Theatres offer online ticket purchase. However, there is an additional service fee for ordering tickets online.

Special feature

If you are planning to hold a party or a corporate event, then you can contact the administrator of the Hollywood Theaters. The theater is a perfect venue for numerous events, especially for corporate meetings considering its state of the art equipment such as:

  • Stadium seating- corporate personnel will feel relaxed and comfortable while sitting in a recliner.
  • Wireless microphones- with wireless microphone technology, presenter will be able to discuss the flow of the meeting in a convenient manner.
  • Large screen- presentations can be easily presented and understood through wide screen, which remotely controlled inside the auditorium.
  • Connectivity- the Hollywood Theaters also allows Apple users to connect their phone and iPad to the A/V System of the theater. 

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Janess Kim is an avid movie enthusiast. She has been to various movie theatres and one particular theater that fascinates her most is Hollywood Theaters Grand Cayman. She treats watching movies as a perfect form of relaxation, especially when she is not busy with her article writing job.

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