The Ultimate Jakarta Travel Guide

Panorama of Jakarta Skyline with blue sky and no traffic. BNI46 Building from left to right

Finding sufficient information about Jakarta can be an arduous task, especially if you’re visiting the city for the first time. Once you figure the capital out, you’ll find numerous places to visit, and things to see in the city. You’ll also get to sample Indonesian exotic dishes in some of the most excellent eateries in the capital city. Whether you love exploring cities during the day or deep in the night, Jakarta should be in your bucket list. Here is a simple Jakarta travel guide to help you make the most out of the city.

Transport in Jakarta

Amid the hustle and bustle of the capital city, there are limited means of public transport. The situation has, however, been improving over time with the construction of the Jakarta underground train. The city is also famed for its immense traffic jams which make traversing through the city a difficult task.

If you’re arriving in Jakarta through the airport, your frustrations will often begin after you land. You may want to use private transport from the airport to your hotel destination. Uber would be an ideal choice. You can also use Gojek, the alternative transport system in the city that allows travelers to request motorbike taxis.

With sufficient funds, you can use a private car rental to traverse through Jakarta. If you have friends or relatives living in Jakarta, they can organize a reasonably priced car rental for you. Where possible, ensure you take the train from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. This way, you get an opportunity to marvel at the beauty of the outskirts of the city which include: forests, beautiful rice fields, and the picturesque Java villages.

Jakarta Hotels

Jakarta is a big city divided into various districts. You need to conduct extensive research about the districts before choosing the ideal place for your hotel central Jakarta stay. Are you looking for a hotel along the beach or within the metropolitan area? Regardless of your preferences, Jakarta is home to some of the best hotels in Indonesia.

You’re guaranteed to find great hotels that meet your budget and needs. Seeing that there are many great hotel options, you may want to stay in different hotels. This way, you’ll be able to maximize your Jakarta experience. If you’re traveling to Jakarta for a short stay, choosing a hotel situated close to the airport is the best idea. Choose between mid-range, budget, and luxury hotels while in Jakarta. Each of these options promises you a lifetime experience.

Jakarta Restaurants and Cafes

Food is one of the reasons why people travel far and wide. Jakarta has some of the most unique restaurants in Indonesia complete with excellent staff. The city boasts of a unique cafe, bar, and restaurant culture that’s second to none in the country. Peruse through the internet to establish the best cafes and restaurants you may want to sample in the city.

Pay special attention to the review section to get a feel of how the establishments treat their clients. Sample different cafes during the day and head out to the bars during the night, especially if you’re a nightlife enthusiast.

Attractions in Jakarta

You’ll be spoilt for choice regarding places to visit and things to do in Jakarta. While you can’t exhaust the city in a few days, you can take time to maximize the things you do in a day. One way of accomplishing that is by taking a custom walking tour. These tours are designed to help you evade prolonged traffic jams by opting for the backroads.

The best thing about these tours is that you get a chance to explore the city’s history. Do you have extra time in the capital city? If you do, you can choose to explore other destinations near Jakarta. Whether you’re a luxury traveler or a backpacker, you can be sure to enjoy the tranquility that these areas offer.


Jakarta is one of the capital cities that you’ll either love or hate. Of course, there can be some annoying instances in the capital such as the endless traffic jams. However, there are numerous other great things in the city that you’ll love.


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