Travel Do’s And Don’ts – Tips To Know While You Travel


People travel across places for various purposes and by various means. People travel for their job related tasks, some travel for pleasure and enjoyment, some travel for a relaxation from their daily life tension, many travel for medical purposes, some fly abroad to find a job etc. In the similar way, travel mode also differs including travel by road, rail, air and water. Travel culture have changed a lot with the emergence of new innovations to aid travelling like integration of internet, Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) for navigation all around the world, widening of cellular network with 3G and 4G all around the globe etc made travelling trouble-free. Besides all these positive side of travelling, there exist some sectors regarding the travel which can be avoided with some do’s and don’ts of travel.

Do’s and Don’ts of Travel

The do’s and don’ts of travel depend on the place you visit and the purpose you go for. Before making a start there are things to do which can help you to travel easily. People can go to internet for an idea regarding the place including the language, culture and way of people, climatic condition, route of the journey, mode of local travel etc. Each place has its own culture and habits hidden. One should understand the place of travel to make the travel a trouble-free.

People who fall under the tourist category should be aware of the do’s and don’ts while they travel. Before the travel, they should be aware of the culture, language, currency, climate, religion, laws and regulations etc for the ease of their travel. All these information are easily available in the internet. In case of international travel, one should obtain a passport. Since passport takes some couple of weeks to obtain, one should start the procedure weeks before the journey.

Many people go for a travel agency to obtain all the necessary aid for their travel. Fake and unauthorized agency may scam you. Tourist should know the culture including the dressing style, language, laws etc and should act wisely according to it. Traveler should stay alert to avoid strangers and offerings from them.

Women – a folks to care the most

Travel for women is another case to discuss. Women travelling both domestic and international should be aware of various hidden threats. You should not travel over late night without prior security and should be decently dressed all time to avoid any mishaps. Decency must be kept all along the travel and chit chats with strangers. You can get engaged with books or music to avoid the boredom so that the interference of stranger can be avoided. You should avoid short clothes, ornaments and attractive dresses to be safe.

The face expression matters while travel, one should be confident to show that they are well aware about the things around. Never behave to any one as a newcomer. One should avoid the stay in lonely corners while travel and you must be always near to a group of people. Avoid carrying costly stuff to attract people to loot it away. Always keep things like torch, first aid medicines, water, and a little food items to meet the urgent needs at times. These are some of the tips that make your travel the best.

Author bio: Margaret is 53 years old and love travelling and suggests places for car hire in Tenerife. She has travelled many places all through the world and is travelling from the age of 15. She writes her experience online at her personal blog where she writes on all the places she has travelled and the places she want to travel in near future. You may check more about her at her blog to get some inspiration.

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