Travel the Unusually Cheap Way: Save Those Bucks



We all want a grand vacation, somewhere in the mountains of Switzerland with the countryside reflecting the perfect fairytale picture. But sometimes our pockets are a bit pinched to really offer us any source of luxury. At times like these all you need to do is be creative, think smart and go for travelling, the cheaper way. A lot of travellers in the world really don’t have a motor insurance in Dubai or a traveler’s cheque from France since all they tend to do is simply pack their bags and head to where the road takes them. This all comes from the fact that travelling necessarily does not always have to be expensive and here a few ways that show you exactly that:

1.       The House Swap:

It has become one of the best ways of saving money on accommodation while travel, the house swap is a source of getting the best living spaces for free. All you need to do is log in to a travel site where you can offer your home on rent for travelers around the world seeking to visit your country or city. This will link you to other travelers who reside in other countries and their homes will become open to you. It is always much better to be living in a house that a hotel since the home usually provides for a kitchen space, telephone and maybe even the internet.
If you are keen on doing this, make sure you seek out authentic sites which assure you validity of other travelers and ensure safety of both the parties.

2.       Volunteering and Fundraising:

It is always good to contribute towards a worthy cause. And if it gets you to travel then there is nothing like it is it? Volunteering for causes overseas is a way to reach out to the world with your skills and give in your time and effort to something that requires attention. Most people do not mind the extra pair of hands but they may require prior experience and a definite set of skills for their projects so it is advisory to select a short term project for a year or two, which may even cover your room and board along with your flight expenses. This is one of the ways to learn about another part of the world and see what it is to inhabit a completely different culture than yours.

3.       Hitchhike and Carpool:

If you have a car and your medium of travel is the road then carpool is the option to travel safe and cheap. You could arrange for additional travelers to join you from the various sites that offer you assistance in this very section of travel. If you are a solo traveler looking for a ride you could hitchhike one right on the way or you could also be a part of a carpool, meet the person in advance, in a public place, check out the photo id and license and other documents to ensure the authenticity of the driver and travel along. This reduces the commuting expense to a bare minimum, allowing you to travel comfortably as well. Fuel costs are divided and it provides you with a bunch of new friends on your trip ahead.

Travel is an experience that demands a little bit of risk, a little bit of coming out of the comfort zone and seeing the world anew. This is exactly what makes it so enduring and appealing. Leave behind the boredom for a while, dance free and the let the world watch you go by.

Bio: Poaulina Skimper is a travel journalist who also uses the road as her most frequent way to go through the world. Her motor insurance in Dubai allows her to explore the roadways more securely and at half the price of a regular hired wheeler.

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