Why River Cruises Are so Much Better than Ocean Cruises


More and more people are choosing to go on river cruises instead of ocean cruises. It is also for this reason that tour operators like Tauck Tours are becoming so popular. Indeed, a river cruise is an opportunity to have a unique, luxurious holiday at a very affordable price. However, is it right for you?


Are Your Ready for a River Cruise?

The reality is that not everybody will enjoy a river cruise. While they have many benefits, some people simply enjoy ocean cruises or traditional modes of travel more. If you like some of the following things, then a river cruise may not be for you:

  • Having to pay for absolutely everything.
  • Having to pay more to eat a nice meal.
  • Having to pay more to go on an excursion.
  • Having to pay more for entertainment on your ship.
  • Being served by staff who will never remember your name and just want to get a tip.
  • Having to spend time in a confined space with thousands of other people.
  • Spending hours just to get off your ship if you visit a new port.
  • Driving for hours just to be able to get to an excursion.
  • Never having enough time to really experience your destination.
  • Having to share a dining room with at least 1,000 other people who all want to be served at the same time.
  • Getting seasick.
  • Having to stick to a certain wardrobe just to be ‘allowed’ to enjoy entertainment and dining.
  • Having to deal with bouncy teenagers and drunk louts during the ‘disco’.

If that is what you enjoy doing, then a river cruise is definitely not for you. That isn’t to say everything about ocean cruising is bad. After all, they are hugely successful and the inspiration behind river cruises as well. Indeed, if you have a choice between all the different types of vacations you can take, then an ocean cruise is probably the second best option out there. But the first best option simply has to be the river cruise.

Today, ocean liners have everything you can possibly think of, from five star dining experience to rock climbing walls and from casinos to ice skating facilities. Their rooms are luxurious, the entertainment is grand and the food is fantastic. But, in reality, it is almost like you are in a floating piece of Las Vegas. While this is enjoyable and certainly something that everybody should enjoy at least once in their lives, isn’t there more to a vacation than that?

With a river cruise, you will have the opportunity to experience new cities and destinations and you will get a unique perspective on the world. You will not have to spend days on the water with no land in sight. Rather, you will be able to enjoy the most breathtaking views every step of the way and you will be able to spend time in some of the world’s most fascinating historic and cultural cities.

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